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Translation proofreading is the icing on your linguistic cake. Having gone to the effort and expense of translating or transcreating your document or website copy, it would be foolhardy not to check the accuracy of your work.

Whether you’re a global brand or smaller company making your first foray into markets overseas, the slightest oversight in your corporate communications undermines your brand and damages the trust of prospective clients and customers. We’ve all been there, reading our way through corporate communications, quietly impressed, until all of a sudden the bubble is burst. All it takes is a simple misunderstanding, spelling mistake or grammatical omission to doubt the professionalism of the company responsible. The trust is gone, and you swiftly move on.

Mother tongue and subject specialists

We strongly advise translation proofreading for any material destined for publication or external use, just as you would proofread material produced in English. This is no reflection on the skill or proficiency of the original translator, it is simply part of the polishing process to produce corporate communications your business can be proud of.

Proofreading should never be carried out by the translator who completed the work. At Linguistica International, all proofreading tasks are assigned to professional linguists with specialist knowledge of the subject area, and vast experience working in the translation language. Our translation proofreading services include:

  • Checking spelling and correcting any misunderstandings, ambiguities or omissions
  • Considering the style and vocabulary of the translation
  • Comparing the translation with the original text
  • Ensuring the appropriate use of industry specific terminology
  • Suggesting improvements to the syntax and concision
  • Checking for errors in punctuation, abbreviations, spacing, unit conversions, use of numbers, names and more…

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